Space Invaders Ursa Woven Wrap Inspiration

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Our newest wrap design, Space Invaders Ursa was inspired by my husband and I’s geeky sides; my love for astronomy and his love for gaming. We knew we wanted a design that could combine the two, and what better way than to start with the perfect classic game; Space Invaders. Our first colorway is Ursa, which follows our theme of naming each colorway after a constellation, but we will get into why we chose Ursa a little later.

***The photos taken inside the arcade aren’t exactly true to color. The best depiction of color is the photos taken outside as well as the last photo on this post**

Space Invaders is an old video game that my husband thought would make a great wrap inspiration. We knew we wanted a digitized pattern that had my love for stars added in as well. It then turned into us pulling random ideas from different old school video games and adding in different pieces to go with the space theme.

Each piece of the pattern has it’s place from different inspirations we used from different games and astronomical signs. I decided to have the pattern run horizontal across the wrap because we had plans of running the pattern later on with a warp based off the night sky to really bring out the stars and other astronomical aspects of the wrap. If you look at the portion of the design that has the squares with the triangle underneath, that was inspired but the spaceships in the game as well as the other things that were all relatively the same shape as the tank that shot the lasers at the sprites (aliens) in the game. The circles and << were included as part of pac man (because who couldn’t exclude pac man when it’s one of the best old school games out there!!), and the swirls were an idea of what a black hole would look like when drawn geometrically (also the weird faces some characters make in games when they die always have this symbol on them when it shows their face or them going out in a circle). Here is a picture from the original Space Invaders game.

I mentioned before that we name all of our colorways for our signature designs after constellations. For anyone interested in my geeky love of astronomy and the names of our other wraps, you can find the info here. I searched for days trying to find the perfect constellation to go with the color of this wrap. I keep coming back to Ursa Major and Minor. There are several myths and stories that go along with this bear shaped constellation, but the one that stuck out to me the most was the story of the beautiful Callisto who falls in love with Zeus and because of her love for him she is transformed into a bear. The brightest stars in the Ursa Major constellation also form part of the Big Dipper. I couldn’t imagine another color other than this deep, vibrant raspberry to depict such a wonderful story and display the colors of this constellation. To read more about the other myths surrounding this constellation I found this link to be really interesting.

As always I start off planning to keep my blog posts short and to the point, but they seem to end up much longer than expected. Thank you to everyone who has made it this far and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about us here at Shiny Star Designs.

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