• Diva Reticella Podaegi

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    Shiny Star Design Podaegis (po-DEH-gee), also known as a Pod, are a Korean style baby carrier that combines the comfort of a wrap with the ease of a Mei Tai. Our Podaegis can be used for a baby or a toddler and are comfortable, versatile and convenient.  They are ideal for wearers with neck and shoulder problems. Super bonus! They are compact and easy to transport.

    ThisShiny Star Design Podaegi features:

    • Handcrafted and well-constructed WAHM engineering and design
    • Features a modern, narrow blanket for superior comfort made from a Diva Milano Reticella Azzurro in 100% cotton
    • Wrap straps make an incredible toddler carrier to reinforce any carry made from Colimacon et Cie woven wrap in cream 100% cotton
    • Padded to wrap that are 75" long
    • Adjustable hood that can be snapped to the straps to hold babies head up while sleeping
  • Diva Reticella Podaegi
  • Diva Reticella Podaegi

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