How to Wear a Podaegi


Step 1 Start by taking your Podaegi and wrapping around your child, bringing it under your child's armpits.

Step 2: Even the wiggliest child can't get out when you grasp the pod under their arms!
Step 3: Hold straps tightly in one hand. Use your other to support child's bum and place on your back.
Step 4: Get baby settled on your back
Step 5: Separate the straps so one is over each shoulder
Step 6: Lean over slightly and keep a good tight hold on those straps!
Step 7: Now, bring each strap down and back under babies bum and over their legs
Step 8: Cross straps under babies bum
Step 9: Now bring each strap UNDER their leg and towards you
Step 10: Pull the straps towards you and pull tightly
Step 11: Tie a double knot at your waist
Step 12: Or...

Step 13: Tie Tibetian by pulling the straps under the opposite shoulder strap
Step 14: Do this on both sides
Step 15: Give a tug and a bounce
Step 15: and double knot

Step 16: Now, reach behind you and PULL straight down on the pod blanket
Step 17: All done!
Look at that happy baby! Go as high or low as is comfortable for you!