What wraps do we accept for custom conversions?

This is currently our most commonly asked question. We are slowly testing different brands, but as of right now this is what we can accept:

Full Buckle: We sent in a buckle carrier made from one layer of linen and one layer of canvas with a removable hood. This means we can accept any new or used wrap to go on the outside of this tested structure.

Podaegi: We are only able to accept brand new Girasol wraps at this time.

Mei Tai: We are able to accept brand new Shiny Star Designs Tencel, Nunamoochie cotton machine wovens, and Vaquero budget wraps. We will be offering these wraps as custom conversions after our testers have passed.

We are not longer offering half buckles or ring onbus.

When will your next custom slots be open?

Another very common question. We promise that as soon as we know this date it will be posted in our chit chat group and our business Facebook page in a pinned post at the top of the page.

What payments do we accept?

Right now we are only accepting PayPal. If you are local, you can pay with cash.

Do we have payment plans?

No, at this time we do not.

Is the full amount due up front?

In some instances, we will accept 50% non-refundable down payment. This is on a case by case basis.

What is your expected wait time for your carrier to be returned?

From the day we receive your wrap, you should expect a wait time of 4-6 weeks. If the wait will be any longer then we will let you know as soon as we know. Sometimes we get them done pretty quickly and send them back pretty quickly. It just depends on our schedule and who else is in line!

Can we do any other ring sling shoulder besides the Seraphina?

We also offer a pleated shoulder and a simple gathered shoulder.

What is the height of the body of our carrier?

Our standard is 17 inches and our Toddler size is 19 inches.

What is the length of our straps?

Our standard straps are 75 inches.

What size carrier do I need for… (remember, this depends on what options you want. So the sizes below are not exact.)

… a pod? A size 3 will accommodate a standard pod with a standard blanket.

… a Ring Sling? Any size wrap from size 2 up.

… a Mei Tai? A size 6 for a standard with NO options where the entire carrier is made from a wrap.

… a Half Buckle? A size 5 is what we prefer to work with, but this can be achieved with a size 4. It really just depends on the length of the straps.

… a Full Buckle? A size 4 is what we prefer, but depending on the size you choose it can be achieved with a size 3.

Can I order a wrap from Shiny Star and have it converted?

You sure can. We are a Didymos, Natibaby, Little Frog, Kokadi, Easy Care, Girasol, and Diva Milano.

How does the embroidery and applique work?

We have some options on our site and you can purchase those outright, but if you want to choose your own, you can do that too. Send us a link to the applique or embroidery you have found. We will bill you for the purchase of the pattern and estimate the time that it takes to complete the pattern.

For custom embroidery and applique, we charge for an hour at our hourly rate ($25 and hour) and estimate the time. This is just an estimate. It may take more or less time. By purchasing the embroidery slot, you agree to pay the overages and we agree to refund it there are no overages.

Are we a member of the BCIA?

Yes, we are.

Are our carriers insured?

Yes, they are.

What size conversions do we do?

We accommodate all sizes of babies and Mamas, but the body size of our carriers cannot be changed. We can do a baby sized, standard or toddler. We can extend or shorten waist and shoulder straps as needed.

What is our return policy?

All custom work is non-refundable and non-returnable including deposits. Stock products have a 30 day return policy. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. Product must be returned in NEW condition with the registration card still attached. Any carriers with any appearance of wear or any odor will not be refunded.

Do we have a warranty?

We do. We guarantee all of our work up to 6 months with normal wear and tear. If you pop a stitch or something comes off, we’ll fix it. Just send it back to us with a stamped and self-addressed envelope for the return shipping.

How do I wash my carrier?

We recommend hand washing and hanging to dry. If you decide to wash in the washing machine, use a gentle cycle. Put your carrier in a pillow case with a rubber band on the end to close it. Hang to dry.