This section is for all your conversion needs whether it be an SSC, ring sling or just a simple hem. Please check out our Facebook page and our Chit Chat page for updates on slots or for any questions! You can also email us directly at

…to a Full Buckle

This listing is for one custom full buckle conversion where your wrap is mailed in to us. The smallest wrap you can use for a Full Buckle is a SIZE 4. If you do not have a 4, we can … Read More

$199.95 Select options
…to a Ring Sling

Looking to send your wrap to us? Here is where you choose the options to have us make your wrap into a ring sling!

$34.95 Select options
Add a Hem (or two!)

Looking to have a professional cut and hem your wrap into a shorter size? You’ve come to the right place!

$8.95 Select options
Ring Sling Shoulder Redo

Don’t like the current shoulder on your ring sling? No worries, we can fix that! This option is for us to take out the stitching on your old shoulder and redo a new one. The conversion cost does not include … Read More

$29.95 Select options