Space Invaders Ursa Ring Sling

This Space Invaders inspired design is perfect wrap for both new and old gamers.


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Space Invaders Ursa is part of our new signature line of wraps. It has a black warp with a gorgeous raspberry weft that changes color in different light. This 100% cotton wrap has just the right amount of texture to keep the passes perfectly in place and the “cush” from cotton feels like clouds on your shoulders even while wearing a toddler. After a few uses this wrap will soften up nicely to carry a squishy newborn or offer support for your child through toddler and preschool. Space Invaders can easily be used by anyone in the family and is the perfect addition to anyone’s stash.

100% cotton at approx 290 GSM post wash and wear.

Shiny Star Designs Ring Slings are made with you and your baby in mind. We offer a variety of fabric choices and sizes while providing a stylish and comfortable carrier.

Shiny Star Designs Ring Sling Features:

    • Handcrafted and well constructed WAHM engineering and design.
    • Our original Seraphina shoulder which provides lots of support regardless of which shoulder it’s worn on.
    • Our Seraphina shoulder is a cascading pleat that hugs the shoulder like no other! Wear the rings higher up to keep the shoulder more narrow or move the rings down a little to maximize your spread!
    • Fully adjustable and can fit any Mom and baby or Dad and baby combo, one to fit everyone.
    • Easily carry a teeny newborn safely or put your 35 pound toddler on your hip.
    • Nursing in public comfortably but still be hands-free.
    • Give you the time that you need while keeping your baby close by.
Sizes: measured to the middle of the taper:
  • Small: 68-80 inches post wash
  • Medium: 78-80 inches post wash
  • Large: 88-90 inches post wash
  • Extra Large: 98-100 inches post wash

100% Cotton

Made and finished in the USA

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NOTE: Shiny Star Designs is not responsible for the misuse or damage caused by improper wear. By purchasing our ring sling, you agree to learn to use your ring sling properly.

**The images included are of the woven wrap before we convert it into a ring sling**


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