PRE-ORDER – Build Your Own DBG Baby Ring Sling!

Select your Ring Sling pattern, and any optional accessories below.

This is a PRE-ORDER for a custom wrap conversion. Orders will take approximately eight (8) weeks to produce after we receive the fabric.

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This item will be released on or before December 31, 2019.

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Pre-Order Design Info & Fabric Content

This design will be popular with fans of HP Lovecraft (Chthulu), Steampunk in general, The Little Mermaid, Spongebob (Squidward), folklore/mythology, cosplayers, and people who just generally love octopuses…octopi‽…octoYES!

This 80s inspired designs is woven on a black warp with a weft in stripes of three different bright, neon colorways.

Our latest Harry Potter inspired design will be with you….Always.

With color blocks of red, purple, green, and blue on a black warp, Awesome Mix is inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and sure to be in heavy rotation in your wrap mix.

Whether you’re a fan of Rainbow Brite or a lover of rainbows and unicorns, you’ll fall in love with this white weft woven on a gradient rainbow warp.

Ready to let your geek flag fly‽‽ This design features a repeating pattern of hearts, geeky glasses, and the word geek.

For lovers of the art of tattoo, this design features some classic tattoo styles.

Don’t be deceived because that’s no moon you’re looking at there. This design is inspired by our love of all things galactical and rebellious.

Whether classic or modern, if you’ve a lover of video games, you’ll love our take on a number of iconic video game elements.

This stunning 100% cotton wrap will have you and your little wizard saying “Accio wrap!” on a regular basis! Woven so the right side displays our hand drawn art, the wrong side is like looking into the Mirror of Erised: everything you’ve ever wished for in a wrap, just in reverse.

Who doesn’t love a good alien conspiracy? The Wrap Is Out There is inspired by our love of the unknown.

Ring Sling Sizes


Our ring slings measure approximately 29.5 inches wide. Choose from a gathered or Seraphina (Shiny Star Designs original design) shoulder. The Seraphina shoulder is a cascading pleat that hugs the shoulder like no other! Wear the rings higher up to keep the shoulder more narrow or move the rings down a little to maximize your spread!

XS 65"
S 69"
M 79"
L 89"
XL 100"


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