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    • Sunny says...

      You are so sweet :) I need to do the same thing, especially sdunchlieg my cleaning. I’m HORRIBLE at not cleaning for days and then all of a sudden I have SO MUCH to do and am overwhelmed. So I’m with you on that! So nice to meet you and I’m a new follower from the link-up!

      On November 27, 2015

    • Jaja says...

      On my first trip to Europe I took a Contiki tour; although it was quite stectuurrd, you do get some time on your own to do your own things, and if you and your friend want to meet people it is a good way to go. However, the tour has a lot of downsides, for example, most of the people on my tour were quite ignorant and were interested in drinking 24/7 they weren’t interested in being in or experiencing Europe whatsoever. This can be quite nagging. In addition, you can only go to the places that they take you.. it is difficult to side track because they won’t wait for you if you get lost. Most people on my tour got either sick or exceptionally exhausted because of the tight schedule and fast pace of the trip and most people felt that they missed out on a lot of things that they would have seen if they had the time My second trip to Europe was done on my own. Although I think that this is the better way to go, make sure you research the places you are going to getting a good guide book is a good start.

      On October 27, 2015

    • Vanilda says...

      I personally woudln‘t do the pre-planned trip thingy. It’s just too restrictive, and none of the places you want to go to are exactly off the beaten track or dangerous. I guess I was a few years older, but I went on my own and didn’t have a single problem, so if you’re with a friend, you should really be fine. if you’re interested, one thing I did which was kind of inbetween the two options was busabout ( basically, it’s a system where you buy a pass and can hop on or off their busses wherever you like, and they drop you off and pick you up at hostels, so you don’t have to find accomodation. it’s still basically independent travel, because you have no itinerary and can stay as long as y ou like in each place, but it’s not quite as flexible as travelling by train, because you do have to stick to the cities they cover. I used a combination of trains, flying and busabout to get about, and the trains were really good, but busabout eliminated that issue of arriving in barcelona at midnight and having nowhere to stay. lol. also, I met a lot of pepole through it. it might be a good option for you.but personally I woudln‘t do the pre-arranged tour thing. the ones I saw were so incredibly structured (i.e. we arrive att his place at 10am. then we have half an hour to do this. then we drive to this place where there is a photo opportunity etc.) I would’ve hated it, and you don’t get a real feel for the places you’re going to. a lot of the backpacker-oriented ones seemed to involve a lot of getting really drunk and sleeping all day, too, (I’m sure not all of them are like this, but I saw a lot of contiki tour groups around and that was the way they often came across!). That may or may not be you, but it is something to kind of be aware of.

      On July 19, 2015

    • Jennifer Shields says...

      Megan is an amazing person and leader that I haven’t even met yet! If it weren’t for her I may not have fallen in love with babywearing like I have. She helped me navigate my entry into the world of babywearing. I was overwhelmed by the choices and she was always there to quickly respond to all of my questions. Her passion for, knowledge of and experience with babywearing has brought happiness to mommas and babies throughout the community! I can’t say enough about how selfless she is and tireless in her efforts to help mommas with everything to do with babywearing.

      On February 11, 2013

    • Melissa says...

      Megan loves to share her wraps so those of us new to women’s can try some thing new out before taking the plunge!

      On February 10, 2013

    • Kathleen Shatto says...

      Megan is an awesome group leader. When I first starting wearing she was a limitless source of information! She has opened up her home and her heart to our group of Mommas <3 We LOVE her!

      On February 10, 2013

    • Becky says...

      Megan is readily available at all hours of the day or night, ready to answer questions for a new babywearer or indulge in wrap geekery with a seasoned one. She is a shining soul that leads with her heart and shows mamas in our community what it means to be “a part of” something. She’s awesome!

      On February 09, 2013

    • Erin Eskridge says...

      Megan is an awesome leader! She answers everyone’s questions as best she can and quickly too. She opens her home to the group even and leads by example.

      On February 09, 2013

    • Catherine Dougherty says...

      Where to begin?? Megan is a talented leader who has educated so many of us on babywearing as well as empowering others to have the birth they want! She tirelessly helps others, answering our questions at all times, day or night. She listens, advises and guides each of us on our journey. It has been such a blessing to have someone like her to go to for questions regarding birth and baby wearing. We are all better off due to her initiative and passion which led to the creation of Central Missouri Babywearers!

      On February 08, 2013

    • Carrie says...

      Megan is so knowledgeable and willing to share her love of baby wearing to anyone anytime. She is passionate and capable while being infinitely approachable. Her smile lights up the room, while her expertise inspires confidence in every family she works with. Megan is all around wonderful!

      On February 08, 2013

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