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    • Teresa says...

      She’s a great leader! Very passionate about babywearing.

      On February 06, 2013

    • Erin says...

      Thanks Ashley for everything you have done to start our group!

      On February 05, 2013

    • Erin Gilliam says...

      I lead a group about 45 mins South of Ashley, but we have had several joint meet ups. She’s a wrap enthusiast and very helpful with finding carriers to meet the needs of her group members. She is also safety conscious and makes sure mamas know how to safely choose and use the carriers.

      On February 04, 2013

    • Katie says...

      We are a new and small (but growing) babywearing group: Corvallis Babywearers. Ashley Barrett has done a great job of getting us started! She has a ton of information and lots of ways to share it. We have monthly play dates, monthly classes and weekly walking groups. Not bad for a fairly new group! Winning a carrier would certainly help us to build our library. Any of the prizes would be amazing, but I must say…we were just taking about Podaegis in out last class and didn’t have one to show ;)
      Love you Ashley and thank you for all of your hard work!

      On February 04, 2013

    • Tracey Hobbie says...

      Such a great picture! Thx for bringing this baby wearing group to Corvallis. Keep up the great work!

      On February 03, 2013

    • Gia Welch says...

      Ashley is the greatest! Too smart for words, sweet, and helpful!

      On February 03, 2013

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