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    Buying a company with stars in the name couldn't have been more perfect for me. I have always had a love for stars and all things astronomical. I grew up in a tiny town out in the middle of nowhere in NC which meant I could lay outside under the stars and look for hours at a clear night sky. I remember my mom waking me up when I was around 16 to go outside to watch a meteor shower. I'm also one of those "crazy tattoo lovers" as my grandma calls me, which happens to also involve stars because all of my tattoos have stars in them as well. The name of the business might have been chosen long before I bought it, but it truly does run deep in my veins for something that means a lot to me. 

    Of course with a name like Shiny Star we had to come up with amazing names for colorways. I knew from the moment we decided to launch a woven line that all of our colorways had to have a common name or theme. I looked through flowers, gemstones, trees, butterflies, and I finally came back to our original idea of naming them all after constellations. In case you haven't already realized how much I love stars, I also love astronomical names. My sons both have constellation middle names (one is Orion and one is Archer), which came about because when my husband and I met we both had Subarus. I mentioned in my last post that we met at a drag strip, and if it hadn't been for us both racing our Subarus we never would have met. While looking for names for our children we wanted something that had to do with a constellation, similar to the idea of the Pleiades constellation which is the emblem for Subaru. 

    I originally wanted to find various astronomical names that had colors linked to their names, but I couldn't find anything exactly like I was looking for. My wonderful friend and seamstress for the woven line, Christa, found all of the names for the colors we have released so far. The names we have chosen are: Chamaeleon, Andromeda, Hydra, Carina, Pegasus, and Draco. Here is a photo of them with their names so we can explain why we chose those with a photo fresh on your mind. 

    Chamaeleon has a pick and pick weft meaning it has two colors in the weft making it change colors in every light, similar to a chameleon changing colors in different environments. The constellation first appeared in 1597 or 1598. Chamaeleon is the first colorway to be released and is currently in stock on our website

    Andromeda is a gorgeous cobalt blue. Andromeda was listed as one of the original constellations in the 2nd century. It is also named for Andromeda, daughter of Cassiopeia, in the Greek myth, who was chained to a rock to be eaten by the sea monster Cetus. Cassiopeia will make her appearance in another colorway in the near future! 

    Hydra is another star mentioned in the original list from the 2nd century naming it as one of the first 88 constellations. It is also the largest of the 88 originally recognized constellations. Hydra is commonly represented as a water snake, which automatically linked our brains to the gorgeous color of water in a clear ocean, and this matches that perfectly in my head. 

    Draco, like all the others was on the original list of 88 constellations from the 2nd century. It is Latin for Dragon and is circumpolar meaning it never sets. Draco is another pick and pick weft; it has black and grey alternating treads that will give it different looks in different lights. 

    Carina is Latin for the keel of a ship. Carina was formerly part of a larger constellation named Argo Navis. Argo Navis was the ship who searched for the Golden Fleece; the gold hair of a winged ram. The fleece was a symbol of authority and kingship. Carina is another pick and pick, but the colors of Carina are two we have already seen: Andromeda and Hydra. Carina is an irresistible color that goes from turquoise to a deep greenish blue in different lights. It feels like the colors of the sea.

    Pegasus is the last of the colors we have done so far and is also one of the 88 original constellations. As I'm sure most everyone knows, Pegasus is a winged horse. The grey of this weft is absolutely magical and goes perfectly for this colorway. 

    If you've made it all the way through my geekery of all things astronomical, congratulations! My super nerd has come through to show everyone how we have come about and the history of the names chosen. I opened up to show a little insight to our history and what the future holds for us as far as colorways. Thanks for catching up with us and as always we look forward to "seeing" you next time for whatever it is we decide to write about :) 


    Nothing like a stack of pretty to make your night :)

    Shiny Star Designs is a babywearing company that makes wrap conversion buckles, ring slings, woven wraps, podaegis, and much more! We are also lovers of all things star related, so expect lots of star related baby carriers in the future!

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    • Elisabeth says...

      Such beautiful designs and colors!

      On May 11, 2015

    • Ennie Harrison says...

      I love the idea and the names!! How very creative and inspiring.

      On May 11, 2015

    • Kristen Jarrett says...

      beautiful colors for beautiful baby wraps….love these carriers!

      On May 11, 2015

    • Jackie says...

      Although I don’t currently have any kids …but I do want several lol these are very cute !!! And I couldn’t just choose one! I like them all! Very creative patterns! I think a purple and a cool yellow would be pretty also ! These are really really cute !

      On May 11, 2015

    • Daz says...

      A purple would be awesome!!

      On May 11, 2015

    • HannahK says...

      Just got hydra and can’t wait for it to dry so we can try it out! And can not wait for Andromeda!

      On May 11, 2015

    • Nicole Stegall says...

      Pegasus is my favorite

      On May 11, 2015

    • Christa says...

      I LOVE Draco!

      On May 11, 2015

    • Jes says...

      It’s so hard to pick a favorite! If I had to I would pick Hydra. Such a cool, relaxing color. I would love to see maroon in the future. Maroon is my favorite color!

      On May 11, 2015

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