• AUCTION ITEM: Shiny Star Designs Pink Damask Full Buckle TODDLER

    ****This is for the TODDLER size****

    Auction will go live at 4 PM EST on 6/1/2014. Bidding will end at 4 PM 6/3/2014. 

    Bidding will begin at $95. Please bid in whole increments (no $0.50 increments). FREE SHIPPING ON ALL AUCTIONS!



    Standard Body - 16x16

    Toddler Body - 19x19 

    Standard Straps with Perfect Fit Adjusters- 14-18 inches (with buckle 16-20 inches) 

    Standard Waist - 24-40 inches

    Leg Out Padding

    Shoulder straps can cross in the back or be used with a chest clip. 

    Webbing has elastic on the ends to roll up any unused webbing. 


    Made from 7 oz 100% cotton twill and 7 oz canvas. 



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    • Arvind says...

      two parts white vinegar,one part water and a few talbpseoons of rubbing alcohol. In a (recycled) spray bottle is an excellent everything cleaner. It can be used for glass, metal, wood. I use it for just about everything. a few glug glugs from the bottle of vinegar into some hot water, is good for mopping the floor. Vinegar kills germs just as well as any over the counter product. Baking soda with water as a paste combined with a scrubber and some elbow grease will get off just about any tough stain in your bathtub, stove, tiles etc. Hmmm what else. Tea Tree Oil is a fantastic wonder product for many things. It kills mould, and is an antiseptic. I use it with warm water to wash wounds, in a bath with epsom salts to relax muscles, on the spot for pimples etc.

      On December 09, 2015

    • Madison says...

      Yayyyy Kat! You’re the winner!

      On June 03, 2014

    • Kat Huston says...

      I start the bid at $95

      On June 03, 2014

    • Madison says...

      This is now live!

      On June 01, 2014

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